The Stable Value of Transport

Transport and Services

The Land Transportation industry holds a leading position in transport around the world. The high volumes of road transport are due to a number of factors such as:

  • Trucks can make efficient deliveries 24 hours a day, irrespective of airliner, railways and ports schedules.
  • Use of trucking allows for flexible routing with data from modern GPS navigation systems.
  • In the delivery of short-haul goods trucking can minimize financial

In Cargo Euroland, we continually strive to offer high level services to our customers to satisfy all their needs, while providing efficient transportation of their loads.

Cargo Euroland has managed to build a reliable Land Transport network working to provide timely delivery and security services.

Cargo Euroland networks with large transport companies, thus we can offer a flexible pricing policy while maintaining a high level of quality service.

Main itineraries across Europe:

Spain, Italy (North and South), UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Balkan countries.

Activity sectors

We have extensive experience in transporting goods, serving various industrial sectors.

We undertake the transportation and delivery, door to door, of all types and sizes of products such as, dry, fresh and frozen products, liquid food, medicines, and raw materials in Full Truck and Groupage Loads.

We organize and carry out the transport plan to and from Europe in a weekly departure program. We have a sufficient number of experienced and reliable collaborators and correspondents, which seek the same quality and reliability of service as our company.

All transports undertaken by our company are covered by cargo liability insurance and the CMR insurance coverage of the collaborated trucks. Moreover, in case our customers would like additional insurance coverage for their merchandise, we are able to provide it by working with insurance companies offering competitive premiums.

We can coordinate to provide a managed fleet of trucks and provide the
following choices:

  • Trucks 13.6 m, for common dry cargo of all kinds and raw materials.
  • Oversized Jumbo trucks vehicles
  • Liquid food tankers
  • Reefer and Frigo trucks with controlled temperature system, for fresh and perishable products (e.g., fruits, frozen foods and medicines)