Our main priority is the safety of your products. Making the proper insurance is going to reassure that you will be covered for any accident that might happen.

Cargo Euroland cooperates with the largest insurance companies in order to provide the best possible solution and at the best possible price for the insurance of your products.

Using one of the following three clauses – as appropriate – we create the best scenario for your goods.


It is the minimum insurance, providing coverage for lost or damaged shipment that caused by: explosion or fire, clogging, plunge or ship overturning, tuck overturning, truck or train crash with other object or forced unload products to the closest port.


Provides coverage for all the above, adding volcano explosion, earthquake or thunder storm, flood of every type with the exception of the rain, lost of the product during sea transport or during the load-unload to or from the ship.


This is the clause that provides full coverage to any kind of danger that is not being excluded explicitly.