Freight forwarding is one of the most widely used methods of international transport for both business and personal use. Freight forwarding companies, like Cargo Euroland coordinate the shipment of goods from one destination to another using a range of carriers, including air freight, ocean freight, road freight and, in some cases, railway freight.

The process of freight forwarding might seem daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the process of freight shipping, but there are five facts you need to know about freight forwarding that will help you through the process.

1. What is a Freight Forwarder?

A Freight Forwarder is responsible for the transportation of goods between one destination and another. Freight forwarding companies specialize in arranging the whole process for their shippers, from the storage to the shipping of their merchandise. They act as an intermediary between the shipper and transportation services, liaising with various carriers to negotiate prices and to seek the most economical, reliable and fastest route for you.

2. A hassle-free way to import and export goods.

Using a Freight Forwarder to import and export goods can make the whole process much less stressful. Extremely knowledgeable in the elements of supply chain, Freight Forwarders can assist on all levels, from the warehouse up to the customs procedure, taking some of the pressure off you.

3. Freight Forwarders provide a range of services.

Freight forwarders can assist you with the supply chain process on multiple levels including:

Customs Clearance

International export and import documentation




Inventory management

4. Advantageous to your business.

Using a freight forwarding company for the transportation of your goods to your consumer can be advantageous to your business in many ways. Using their knowledge and expertise, Freight Forwarders can ensure that your goods will arrive at the correct destination on time and can save you money in the process, compared to doing it alone. Experienced freight forwarders will have encountered a multitude of problems along the way, so they are able to quickly and efficiently deal with any issues which may arise as your goods are transported.

5. Ask your Freight Forwarding Company about extra services.

Many freight forwarding companies, as Cargo Euroland, offer extra services for your shipment, so it’s always worth asking about additional services that may be provided when receiving a quote. These extra services include warehouse storage, cargo insurance, cargo tracking and dangerous goods handling. Even if you don’t presently require additional services, it’s always worth bearing these additional services in mind for future reference. Finding a Freight Forwarder who specializes in what you’re looking to ship is beneficial. Not only will they have a team of specialists in place, but they will also have vast experience in dealing with cargo similar to yours.